Meet the Makers

The Story Shop is committed to offering high-quality, ethically and sustainably made garments for women. Each of our makers guarantees these values in their carefully crafted pieces - with unique styles and stories to share. We are honored to work with a talented group of makers from all over the world. Explore our brands (and the creative voices behind them) below.



The REIFhaus collection was launched in 2012 by Lindsey Reif. The designs are inspired by contemporary lines, compelling details, and the Bauhaus movement of the 20th century.

The clothing fuses elements of the past with modern silhouettes, resulting in a timeless wardrobe. REIFhaus is the statement piece you’ll want to wear everyday.

REIFhaus is an independent fashion label. Each garment is sewn in the USA using thoughtfully chosen sustainable and natural fibers. By choosing to shop small independent labels, you are supporting slow fashion and will value your garment for  years to come.

‘Die zeit ist REIF’ (the time is ripe). Read more from Lindsey here.



Based in Austin, TX, Trove is a fashion brand that delights in dignity…and fun. By re-writing the story of fast-fashion, founder Jaclyn Dowdle sets her eyes on impact. The brand creates jobs that celebrate artisan and craft culture in multiple countries all over the world, paying fair wages. Jaclyn prioritizes pieces that are stylish, sustainable and inclusive, meaning sizing ranges from 0-20. Our newest pieces from Trove are handmade with love in Cambodia.

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Banquet Atelier

Banquet Atelier & Workshop is a Vancouver-based studio run by Sarah Edmonds and Tammy Lawrence who are engaged in creating quality goods. All of their products are conceived, designed, printed and produced in Canada with a fine attention to affordability, environmental sustainability and share a distinct beauty and uniqueness. They offer screen printed signed and dated prints, stationery, textiles as well as clothing and jewelry. 

They have licensed our work and collaborated with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Terrain, Anthropologie, Land of Nod and others to create exclusive product and designs. 

Current inspirations include the smell of a Pacific Northwest forest baking on hot summer day, neon overprints, cut off jeans and t-shirts, salad picked from the garden, Lucia Berlin and James Baldwin, swimming in the ocean and kids creative set-ups made up of anything they can find. 


Sunja Link

Sunja's business is based in West Vancouver, BC. When you purchase product from Sunja Link, you are directly supporting Threadworks Production. Threadworks is a socially and environmentally conscious skill development program for people who are living with challenges to employment such as mental health issues, physical and intellectual disabilities, language barriers and people who have been displaced from their home country. The program promotes social inclusion and community capacity building by offering individuals the opportunity to increase their earning potential, confidence, and personal growth. All Threadworks products are made in Canada. Read more from Sunja here.



Founded by Hannah Beaumont Laurencia, Beaumont Organic is an international ethical ladieswear brand that combines signature styling with contemporary classics. Teaming contrasting fabrics and unique silhouettes with luxury organic, fair trade and eco fabrics to create a renowned style. The collection offers a wardrobe of transitional pieces - everything a woman needs to dress up or down, day or night. Based in Manchester, UK, Beaumont Organic introduces two collections a year along with a collection of accessories that encompass the brands clean look and contemporary styling. 



London-based Thought Clothing was founded in 1995 with ethical and sustainable values in mind. The company crafts well-designed, contemporary pieces that are easy to wear. Their design team is an easy-going collective of passionate creatives. They love making pieces that fit effortlessly into, and complement, your world.

Thought believes that clothes we love wearing most will last longer with good care. Which is why we created our mantra. “Wear me, love me, mend me, pass me on.” It’s a reminder to look after what we own. Feel free to make this motto yours, too.

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Gabriele, founder of Salanida, was brought up in her mother’s manufacturing company in Lithuania where she became passionate about fashion at an early age. She later studied Fashion at Istituto Marangoni in London and Polimoda in Florence.

Her sweaters aren’t mass produced. Each sweater is knitted by skilled women using domestic knitting machines. Most of the sweaters Salanida produces are made-to-order and carry a bit of the knitter’s energy. To master this craft a lot of talent, imagination and devotion are needed.


Barrow PDX

Barrow appreciates variation. They avoid methods of mass production to ensure subtle changes from piece to piece. They enjoy the process of making, so please keep your eyes open for an ever evolving selection of jewelry and homeware (and whatever else we come up with).

After a decade of friendship and two MFAs in Painting, Rachel Warkentin and Lindsay Jordan Kretchun decided to embark on a new adventure together, founding Barrow in 2013. They are living, working and playing in Portland, Oregon.