IS important.
Why Not
Invest in
telling it well?

Through the sale of our small-batch clothing, The Story Shop Studio offers two types of coaching scholarships to help you tell your story well. 

Creative Coaching
Creative Coaching seeks to equip artists with tools to overcome common challenges in their creative lives. We will examine themes of fear, imposter syndrome, psychological blocks, and maintaining a disciplined and fruitful practice.

Career Coaching
Career Coaching seeks to empower artists to also become entrepreneurs. We will help you build a brand, a marketing plan, and consult on technology and social media development. You can be your greatest advocate!

About the process: 
The Story Shop team will select artists based on our current availability of funded coaching slots and the application that you submit below. We will look at your goals, barriers, and at your website or portfolio, and select 6-10 artists or entrepreneurs per year, on a rolling basis. We will begin selecting artists in January 2019. If selected, you will have the choice in enrolling in either our Creative or Career coaching series (5 one-hour sessions each), and we will schedule sessions to meet your needs. We look forward to receiving your application!

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